But behind us is an unusual picture. Still, for these pants they ask for quite serious money in the region of $30-40.
Jeans examined.
The only thing I didn’t like. Leg width. For me personally, the best option. The observed pants in this size have the following parameters: The labels indicate the size 40×34.
He bowed his trouser leg in different directions. If you squat down, the belt can noticeably come down from the sirloin.
I’ll try to rub it into the fabric. I added it to the review header. I really don’t like this. Width at the waist (half circumference of the waist) – 53 cm.
Fringe seams. On the right is the Omni-Shield technology label. Nothing changed. I have not yet figured out if there is a significant difference in "breathability" compared to regular jeans. Let’s move on to the fitting.
This model has a mid-rise, and therefore, they sit a little low in the back. At the bottom -22 cm. Fortunately, a good belt significantly reduces the likelihood of such an incident. And of all, Columbia had the most suitable
cover for me.
In general, the best choice for a middle-aged man. Length along the inner inseam – 89 cm. I accidentally came across a lot with a discount on pants in the size 40 x 30.
I can conclude that in the “out of the box” condition, at least, jeans will not get wet under average rain. To buy or not decide for yourself.
This is what they look like complete with a short jacket. Different balls are combined into one big one.
I imagine – you climb up and then your partner breaks down, and when he falls, he grabs your back pocket. I think it’s good. And already in second place are jeans from AG. 15 minutes have passed.
Alternative sizes are listed on the back. Jeans sat down as I wanted: they don’t hang out, but they don’t fit like tights. And whether the effect will remain after washing or just prolonged wear. At the hip – 34 cm.
Jeans are made in India. Water on the surface of the fabric rolls into balls. I used to buy quite a lot of budget Old Navy jeans, then recently I bought a couple of Wranglers, the classic Levi’s 501 and the rather expensive DL1961 and Adriano Goldschmied. Jeans hold up, life is saved))) Of course, this is not "oilcloth", but processed
denim, that is, there is no "greenhouse effect" by definition. Now let’s check for the promised water resistance. Back rise – 42 cm.

Water Repellent Columbia Pilot Peak Denim Pant

/> Seams at the convergence of the legs. The length is also very good, I don’t like to wear with folds or vice versa “shot down”. I don’t know if omni-shield is an impregnation or modification of the composition of the fabric. But as a result of prolonged rubbing, it still absorbed. At first, the liquid is still held by a separate film.
Pieces of fabric are placed under the seams that fasten the edges of the back pockets and belt loops. Front rise – 29 cm. Maybe someone has experience, and he will share in the comments. At the knee -25 cm. In order not to vomit with meat under load. I’m 198cm tall and 112cm at the waist. Through trial and error, I’ve found that 40W X 34L fits me very well in American jeans. Length along the outer seam – 116 cm.