DIY kit for self-assembly. Engraving accuracy 0.01mm. Supported formats include: PG, PNG, DXF, SVG, g-code, NC, BMP. Working area 410x420mm. Cutting materials up to 15mm – wood, acrylic, cardboard, fabric, bamboo, plastic board, CT board. Engraving materials – wood, paper, cardboard, plastic, printed circuit board, aluminum, stainless steel 304, ceramics, dark stone. Delivery from a warehouse in Russia. Compatible software includes: LaserGRBL, LightBurn, Benbox, GrblController, LiteFire.

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Price $258 including store coupon for -$27. At the end, a nice bonus on the TCL TS3100 wireless soundbar for home theater An updated selection of smart TVs from TCL at the Aliexpress sale. Laser 455nm 5.5W. Coupons and promo codes on the product page.